Build Your Resilience

Course Summary

The Heart of your Business

Resilience is the ability to recover and return to an original or improved state after being disturbed or changed. In business we see resilience as an essential tool for managing to maintain and grow your enterprise through the good times and the tough.

We see you, the entrepreneur, as the central player in your business and acknowledge that you need to work to your strengths and manage your weaknesses to help build a thriving business.

With a focus on you and your personal assets as an entrepreneur, this course addresses the core motivations that sit at the heart of your business.  We will work through a series of practical and strategic tools to help you identify and articulate your vision for success, culminating in a one page personal professional plan.

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About the Authors

Ludmila Doneman & Amanda Moffatt

Ludmila’s working life has led her from the mainstream of a rich and critical theatre tradition in Central Europe to re-establishment and training in Australia, from student and ‘laboratory’ theatre in the 70’s into her continuing concern with community development, the arts, and social-cultural animation.  Her working history demonstrates a breadth and depth of skills and experience which continues to inspire and enliven, to ‘quicken’ community aspirations and goals.

Her work has been concerned from the beginning with a practice of empowerment, the provision of infrastructure and methods which, while perhaps not always as visible as ‘product’, militate for continuity and sustainability. This can be seen in the number of organisations and individuals inspired or encouraged by her and which continue and thrive in the field.  Ludmila is a partner in Edgeware Creative Entrepreneurship, Edgeware Indigenous and Edgeware Online. Her career highlights include co-founding CONTACT Youth, Backbone Youth Arts, the Youth Arts Queensland network and the GRUNT Youth space. She was also Artistic Director of the Asia Pacific Wataboshi Disability Arts Festival.

Amanda has been involved with workshop design and facilitation for over fifteen years. Her qualifications in education, the arts and counseling have seen her work in a variety of contexts including indigenous communities, formal education from early childhood through to tertiary levels, TESOL and people with disabilities.


Amanda understands the challenges and rewards of being a small business owner. For the last ten years she has run her own small businesses in both a partnership and freelance capacity. In 2010, Amanda launched Bowerbird Creative Programs, a creative enterprise that draws on her passion for people and their stories.  Working closely with other creative consultants including film-makers, graphic designers and app creators, Bowerbird specialises in designing and facilitating specifically tailored programs for professional development, innovative curriculum and personal wellness. Alongside her busy professional practice, Amanda is currently researching professional reflection as part her Doctorate of Creative Industries (DCI) at QUT.  Stepping Outside the Circle is the practical resource she has developed as part of this research project.

In 2011, Amanda trained as an Edgeware facilitator and now brings her wealth of experience to enterprise education and training.


Course Content


Build your Resilience is a planning journey. For Edgeware, ‘plan’ is a verb, not a noun. Planning is an active state of mind that we bring to every decision we make in our business. It’s not something we do only once, to produce a fat document that gathers dust in a filing cabinet. It’s something we constantly revisit, adjust, tweak and experiment with.

The structure and logic of the Build your Resilience process goes like this:


In this module you’ll discover the key concepts we are working with in this course.

1. Why – your drive to be in business and the fire that will keep you going through the inevitable challenges.

2. The concepts of resilience and self-efficacy as two vital tools for longevity and prosperity in business.

3. A solution-based approach to solving challenges and fulfilling your entrepreneurial vision.

Lesson 1: ‘Why’- The Heart of your Business free
Lesson 2:   Understanding Self-efficacy & Resilience free
Lesson 3: Now-where-how: Solution-focused Planning.


In this module you will explore your NOW by completing an audit of your personal business assets beyond just facts, figures and stock. Through a variety of activities you will identify:

1. The tools and skills you have developed through your personal and professional journey to date.

2. The network and connections you have within your social and professional circles.

3. Your personal assets as an entrepreneur.

Lesson 4: My Professional Journey.
Lesson 5: My Connections & Networks.
Lesson 6: My Personal Assets


In this module we’ll explore where you envisage your enterprise to be headed in the future. We’ll approach this from two viewpoints:

1. The possible roads you could travel in your professional journey.

2. Developing your vision for success by identify the key goals you hope to achieve in the next five years.

Lesson 7: Possible Paths to Success
Lesson 8: Personal/Professional Success Goals


In this module you’ll create a comprehensive list of strategies that help build your resilience and create your One Page Personal/Professional Plan. We’ll cover:

1. Recognising how you’re going in your professional life by engaging in reflective practice.

2. What to do when the going gets tough.

Lesson 9: Reflective Practice: Resilience Checklist
Lesson 10: Building Resilience Strategy


In this module you’ll review the course and bring it all together in a One Page Personal/Professional Plan.

Lesson 11:Summarising Plan of Action
Amanda K
What a surprise! I opened the Edgeware Backpack with trepidation and what popped out like a jack-in-the-box was a whole new idea. The course evoked, provoked, percolated and birthed a new business in real time in the real world. Thank you!
Catherine Moine
The course gave me greater clarity and focus on where to take my business from here. A lot of the ideas and techniques can also be applied to personal life – which was another unexpected bonus. It was fun, positive, educational, motivating and very professional. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Julia Paussa
Edgeware left me re-energised and motivated about the future of my business. A fantastic course to get you excited about creative strategies for the future.
Jen Loy
Who was is that said ‘Happiness is when what you think, say and do are all the same?’ I think the Edgeware program helps you to understand how important that is, and shows you it’s possible.
never give up
on what you really want to do.
the person with big dreams
is more powerful than one with all the facts