Build Your Prosperity

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Finance – the lifeblood of business

Build Your Prosperity is an intensive online course that builds fundamental financial skills for small business. You learn to use a set of tools to create a One Page Prosperity Plan.

It’s based on practical experience and places you, the entrepreneur, at the heart of the process of creating a financially successful small business, in the context of the overall idea of prosperity. It uses a set of tools to dynamically populate and update a One Page Prosperity Plan. The tools are designed with a solution focus – that is, as a set of practical, achievable steps towards a preferred future.

This preferred future is a state of prosperity based on financial sustainability and security, and incorporates a mindset and perspective that go beyond money. For us, prosperity involves more than money; it is financial health combined with mental health, wellbeing, and a positive sense of meaning and life purpose.

For example, we know that managing cash flow is critical: no cash, no business. Cash flow in a business is like blood flow in the body; that is, a business needs cash like our bodies need blood. But to say that a business is about cash is like saying a body is about blood. Our blood flow enables our bodies to do things, to act in the world. In the same way, cash flow enables our business to do things, to contribute, to create and grow both value and values. Working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, startups and small business owners has shown us that successful businesses make meaning as well as money, and in this way generate value that benefits their economy, their community and themselves as human beings.

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About the Author

Susana Waldron

Originally from Argentina, Susana Waldron brings a vibrant international energy to Edgeware Creative Entrepreneurship.

Susana started her career as Quality Development and Training Co-ordinator for the Lend Lease Corporation, Sydney. In 2009 Susana established Blue Sky View, a finance management, administration and procedures development business. She has worked with many successful companies on the Sunshine Coast, including: Bermingham Enterprises, a publishing and distribution company; Frank & Dixon, a marketing & branding company; LJ Hooker, a large real estate agency; and many others.

Susana’s extensive experience in big and small business finance, administration and training, mixed with her passion for education, personal development and the arts, encouraged her and husband John to expand Blue Sky View to offer a range of services for the creative and innovative industries. In 2013 they launched a new product the Makeway Lab, a fablab for hospitals.

Susana completed the Build Your Business program with Edgeware and has delivered this program and other presentations on cash-flow and small business finance for Edgware on many occasions.

Course Content


Build your Prosperity is a planning journey. For Edgeware, ‘plan’ is a verb, not a noun. Planning is an active state of mind that we bring to every decision we make in our business. It’s not something we do only once, to produce a fat document that gathers dust in a filing cabinet. It’s something we constantly revisit, adjust, tweak and experiment with.

The structure and logic of the Build your Prosperity process goes like this:


The lessons in this Module focus on where you’re at at the moment; what your situation is; what your relationship with and beliefs about money are; how you go about making money; which customers are making the most money for your business and why; which customers are losing money for your business and why; who pays late; whether you’re providing the wrong products or services; and whether you’re charging the right price.

Lesson 1:

Understanding Prosperity
Lesson 2:

The Prosperity Proposition
Lesson 3: How Do I Make Money?
Lesson 4: Taking My Financial Temperature


the lessons in this Module focus on action; the steps you need to connect your NOW to your WHERE.

Lesson 5: Prosperity Vision
Lesson 6: Prosperity Goals


The lessons in this Module focus on action: what steps you need to take in order to connect your NOW to your WHERE

Lesson 7: Financial Estimates & Budgeting
Lesson 8: Pricing
Lesson 9: Financial Operations
Lesson 10: Creative Action Planning


Lesson 11: The One Page Prosperity Plan
Lesson 12: Action Plan
Julie Allan
Within 10 days of Edgeware completion, my business experiences have escalated to ‘almost giddy’ heights. From the ‘grounded experience’, I now seek balance of short-term cashflow with longer-term reachable goals. My Edgeware experience has strengthened my commitment to step forward, be a great ‘small giant’ and continue to ever-expand my skill resources and business relationships.
Peter Lemin
The workshop was very beneficial to our business, it provided many diverse tools for reviewing our business plan, and enabled us to see things that influence our business that we were previously unaware of.
Ron Murray
If you want to step outside your business, break it down into segments, conduct some in-depth analysis, remove the clutter and put it back together again, Edgeware training will help you to do this in a methodical, sensitive and caring way.
Daniel Hunjas
After 10 years of business growth, we needed to re-evaluate our position and set some new challenges. The Edgeware program was exactly what we needed. It breaks the rules of traditional business planning courses and encourages lateral thinking whilst empowering you with the planning tools you need to implement your strategy.
never give up
on what you really want to do.
the person with big dreams
is more powerful than one with all the facts