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To create your Edgeware One Page Plan, you’ll use a series of tools, each of which focuses on one or more key elements of your small business.  As you work through the tools, you’ll transfer key data to the template for your One Page Plan. You’ll end up with a clear and accessible one-page summary of the state of your business, which you can refer to daily.

From the very first tool, the two-sentence Value Proposition, through tools that identify Customer Value, competitive advantage, trend analysis, and goal setting, the Edgeware planning process helps you identify the 20% of highly effective things you can do in your business in order to get an 80% return on your investment of time, money and energy.

You can revisit any of the tools at any time, depending on circumstances, to update and refine the descriptors for your business. When you subsequently update your One Page Plan, you see immediately the impact of changes on your business as a whole.

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About the Author

Michael Doneman

Michael Doneman is founding director of Edgeware Creative Entrepreneurship. He has a background in community cultural development which inspired work in business design, vocational education and training, and information technology. Michael was a Senior Research Fellow at QUT’s Creative Industries Faculty from 2002-2005 and is a Founding Affiliate of the ATN University network’s e-Grad School, in the field of knowledge transfer and research commercialisation.


He founded the Edgeware model of ethical entrepreneurship development in 2006. He has a coaching practice focused on the generic value of creativity in the growth of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and leaders, and he is developing expertise in the application of Solution Focused coaching and leadership processes to the establishment, growth and enrichment of business practice.  Michael is passionately committed to the idea that ethical, creative entrepreneurship can change the world.

Course Content


Once you know how to use the tools, you can use them again (and again) to update your One Page Plan to make it more powerful and relevant for where your business is right now.

The logic of the Build your Business process looks like this:


The lessons in this Module focus on where you’re at right now: what your situation is; what your resources are; what your product is; and who your customer is.

Lesson 1: The Value Propositionfree
Lesson 2: Customer & Product/Service Breakdownfree
Lesson 3: Customer Value (What is ‘Success’?)
Lesson 4: Changes Affecting My Business
Lesson 5: Competitor Analysis & Competitive Strategy
Lesson 6: Importance of Products & Customers


The lessons in this Module focus on your perfect outcome: what you and your business will look like when everything you aspire to and dream about comes true.

Lesson 7: Vision
Lesson 8: Pricing 101
Lesson 9: Business Goals
Lesson 10: Goal Check


The lessons in this Module focus on action: what steps you need to take in order to connect your NOW to your WHERE

Lesson 11: Creative Action Planning
Lesson 12: Impact/Ease – Understanding the Priorities (1)
Lesson 13: Impact/Ease – Understanding the Priorities (2)
Lesson 14: Impact/Ease – Graphing the Priorities
Lesson 15: Setting the Priorities


Lesson 16: The One Page Business Plan & Action Plan
Shelley Pisani
I have studied business and strategic planning at Masters level, but Edgeware’s tools allowed me to simplify my 30 page business plan into one page and give me a strategic direction for the next three years.
Susan Walsh
It’s about learning to run a business at a profit. It’s easy to understand, and provides ideas on how to implement the process. I left school at 15, this is my first experience of formal training, and it was very useful.
Ross Peddlesden
When I began Edgeware I was confused about my intentions and under pressure from other events in my life which were making decision making necessary but very difficult.  I really needed a process which gave me inspiration and encouraged decision making.  But I also needed a process which allowed me to progress at my own pace and make decisions my way. If it added a dash of inspiration that would be good too. In Edgeware, I found it.
Wayne Lee
In my twenty-four years as a manager I have participated in many training programs, both formal qualifications and internal workshops and never have I acquired so many skills so quickly, which I can apply immediately.  I particularly found useful that I can now scope a project and build a business plan in 24 hours, then either discard the concept or make a decision to run with it. Prior to my Edgeware learning this could have taken weeks. For me, you absolutely nailed the mix of skills any Intrapreneur (modern manager) needs, combining decision making tools and inexpensive marketing processes. Your program had it all, terrific content and a great mix of facilitators.
never give up
on what you really want to do.
the person with big dreams
is more powerful than one with all the facts