Who do you share your ideas with?

As a creative entrepreneur chances are you are a ‘thinker’, a ‘bright spark’ and often known as an ‘ideas person’. In fact this innate ability to think outside the box and continually innovate is what makes creative entrepreneurs different. But what do we do with these ideas as they pop up?

One of the challenges I have learned over the years, is to be mindful of who I share my ideas with. In the past I would openly share my excitement over a new venture with people who did not understand or who would actively discourage my passions. Nothing bursts your bubble quicker than someone shooting down your ideas with rational ‘sense and logic’. I call these folk Doomsdayers, Naysayers and Dream Slayers.

You know who I mean…

1. The Doomsdayers: These folk often fall back on political, financial and broader societal factors to discourage any risk taking ideas. They use the fear floating in the media to support their argument and have generally lived their life playing it safe within the ‘norms’ of mainstream society. The motivation for the Doomsdayer is generally to maintain your best interests, by protecting you from potential failure, which comes from their own fear of risk or experience of hardship.

Can be heard saying things like, “In these difficult financial times…” or “The way technology is heading we won’t need…”

2. The Naysayers: This type of person is perpetually negative about everything from the weather to the colour choices of your new logo. They often have a gloomy outlook on life in general and find it challenging to be around positive ideas and people who embody this. The Naysayer may at first appear supportive but then provides a series of negative responses to temper this and dampen your enthusiasm. Naysayers often have long memories for negative experiences and past failures.

“Is this another of your creative ideas, remember what happened last time…” or “It is a good idea but when you really look closely, it won’t work because….”.

3. The Dream Slayer: Primarily driven by jealousy and competitiveness the Dream Slayer can have a nasty undertone in discouraging the efforts of others. There is often a power game at play for the Dream Slayers. They often use direct bullying tactics to make themselves feel bigger and have been known to appropriate other’s ideas for their own.

“ It is an interesting idea, but you don’t have the experience, skill or resources to make this happen.” Or “You just aren’t cut out to be a successful business owner, but at least it gives you something to do with your days.”

So who can you share your ideas with?

You need to look for people who have the power to say ‘yes’. Choose you council wisely and hang with like-minded folk who will challenge you to grow and strengthen your ideas in a collegial manner.

Once you find your tribe, and you know who they are because they say things like,

“Excellent, have you thought of…” or “Wow, I haven’t seen it done like that before, that’s clever ”, you can then begin to create strategic supportive relationships with people who can support your ideas to become reality. It is very liberating.

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