The Story of ReTHINK Your Business

Edgeware Creative Entrepreneurship was created as a training and coaching company for startups, with a strong focus on the entrepreneur at the heart of the new enterprise.


In 2010 we were commissioned by a government department to offer a set of workshops for established businesses in the food and beverage industries, and we were very interested to see which of our workshop tools and processes would be appropriate and useful for these people. We were delighted to find that, while there was a certain amount of resistance (why should I go back to school?) the feedback from our customers was extremely positive. People genuinely found the experience helpful in stepping back from their business and looking at it from outside and above.


Why is that? We think it’s because certain questions never go out of date, especially these questions:

  • What’s my product (really)?
  • Who’s my customer (really)?
  • What’s my Value Proposition (that is, what is the value my Customer sees in my Product)?


Sadly, it often seems that as we grow our business and become increasingly involved in management and operations, we can lose sight of higher-order strategic matters. What’s the overall direction of this thing? Where is the need? How does this business meet that need? What’s the point of it all, anyway? And why am I doing it?


So we boiled this experience down to an intensive three-hour workshop which helps our customers ask (and answer) these three key questions. And it seems that just asking these questions inspires another level of thinking and questioning. For example, if such-and-such is the value my customer sees in my product, am I marketing successfully, that is, helping my customer (and my potential customers) actually recognise that value, and act on it?

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