Validating Weirdness

“Edgeware exists to validate weirdness”. Dr Ian Plowman

After a discussion one evening, many years ago, it was pointed out to Michael by his psychologist friend, that the kind of business training we offer suits a certain type of person. These people are not so much a demographic but more a psychographic that can be characterized by the following attributes:

1. Those that think creatively and outside the box.

This enables folk to see and experience the world in a different way than is sold through mainstream culture.  For many this can lead to issues with authority figures, mental health and working with others. Some people find it challenging to follow a ‘sensible’ path according to those around them. However this innate ability to look at the world creatively can lead to very successful entrepreneurial skill and innovation.

2. SOS- Shiny Object Syndrome

People who are attracted to new and novel experiences and spend there time seeking the next ‘adventure’ before completing the current one. Perceived by many as impulsive and irresponsible behavior, this lust for the ‘new’ can lead to trail blazing and infectious enthusiasm- essential skills needed for the creative entrepreneur.

3. Living on the Edge

Many of our participants report a sense of being more at home living left of centre towards the edge of society. Whether that is physically or metaphorically, many entrepreneurs oscillate between being in the centre of the action and on the edge of mainstream culture. From this edge perspective, creative entrepreneurs can observe more traditional approaches to life whilst sending ripples of influence and change back towards the centre.


As we have shared these thoughts over the years, most of our participants have agreed this sums them up perfectly. To add to this we have noticed that our workshops have created a space where ‘weirdos’ and those who think and do things differently in business, can come together in a mutually supportive learning space. Through this a sense of camaraderie and validation develops, friendships and networks are forged and a vibrant business community has been created.


Our participants started to call themselves ‘Edgies’ and our ‘Edgie’ community is constantly growing.

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