Resilience- The Ability to Stand Strong

Resilience is another concept gaining popularity and traction in the media these days. (Google resilience and you will see what I mean!) At its heart resilience addresses our ability to overcome adversity and challenges. This can be on an individual, community or societal level.  Resilience is that internal flame or drive that allows us to stand strong and carry on when the proverbial hits the fan.


As a successful business owner you need to have a large stash of resilience in your personal toolbox. Difficult clients, misplaced orders, unpredictable financial climates and all the other random elements one has to navigate in business can take their toll.


So how is it that we can foster this sense of strength to continue to function through difficult and challenging circumstances?


Here are four quick and effective ways to tap into your resilience:


1. Create a Positive Mindset: When initially faced with a difficult problem it can be easy to let negative emotion cloud the situation. It is hard to feel robust when you are overwhelmed and exhausted. By choosing to let go of negativity and adopting a positive belief about your ability to create a successful resolution (self efficacy), you make way for a solution-focused approach. Back this up with some self-care and personally rewarding activities that promote mindfulness, happy hormones (endorphins etc.) and connection to the outside world. (Run on the beach, bottle of red with friends…).


2. Audit your Resources: Taking a step back and looking at what tools, resources and personal strengths you have can be very affirming. We all have blind spots and in times of crisis this tunnel vision can become more acute. By strategically concentrating on what you have, rather than taking a ‘deficit mentality’ you can see the tools and support at your disposal. This process can also create the opportunity for potential creative solutions to emerge that may have been previously hidden to you.


3. Reach out: Identify your networks and supporters and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Business is built on relationships and what goes around comes around. By establishing connections with others you can increase your resources in an emotional, intellectual and physical sense. It maybe in the interaction with others you discover new aspects of yourself or a different view of your situation.


4. Create a Strategy: At Edgeware we like to say “action precedes clarity”. By plotting a clear course of action and breaking this down into smaller tasks you can cut through the confused emotion attached to many challenging situations. Simple planning tools and ‘to do lists’ are invaluable in supporting this process.


If you would like to discover more strategies for Building your resilience check our online course!


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