Prosperity in Business- more than just the financial facts.

HiResProsperity is one of the buzz-words you commonly hear in business circles these days but what does it actually mean?


The word prosperity can be defined as: flourishing, wealth, thriving, affluence and success.


These are all great attributes to infuse your business with. However, there is also a more holistic view of prosperity, that points towards wellbeing and personal satisfaction.  By considering your business in terms of not only financial growth and economic stability, which is paramount to the long-term survival of your enterprise, it is also worth considering the relationship between the financial aspects of your business and the more intangible ways your business nurtures you and your community.


The combination of financial savvy and the human elements of creative entrepreneurship such as personal meaning and ethics, drive at the heart of our training- make money, have fun and change the world. So as you next wade through your financial statements and balance your books take a moment to think about prosperity in all its forms and how this flows like lifeblood through your business.


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