Building Gross Domestic Happiness

Tania Hubbard is an Edgie with a passion for gluten free cooking, discovered in her own quest for better health and now the foundation of a thriving business. The Gluten Free Grain Free Company’s artisan, ready to bake cake mix  range has been recognised as Australia’s leading Health & Wellness product at the 2013 Food Magazine Awards.


Tania’s journey began several years ago when after suffering migraines, chronic fatigue and repeated bouts of pneumonia, she was diagnosed intolerant to the proteins found in cereal grains.  Determined not to let her diagnosis stop her from enjoying food, she set to developing her own gluten and grain free recipes.  Helping her realise her passion and talent for food, Tania along with here her husband and business partner, Eric co-founded one of Australia’s first award winning gluten & grain free cafés.


Tania and Eric went on to establish the Gluten Free Grain Free Company in 2010 (, releasing Tania’s best-selling cookbook, gluten free grain free – food we love, and now developing their own gluten free, grain free, nut free and dairy free range of cake mixes and their very popular gluten-free, grain-free, yeast-free bread mix. With a rising demand and popularity for the company’s quality products, Tania and Eric sold the café in May 2013 to focus on building the company.


Tania has also launched her blog  “With healthy sprinklings of  inspiration and snippets of useful information this space helps you to live your gluten-free-grain-free life with real joy. It offers simple solutions that will bring the joy back into food.  With a handful of great recipes and then stacks of information on how to take something obvious like a loaf of bread and turn it into something new and fantastic.”


Edgeware played a role. As Tania says, “Innovation is one of the great strengths of the Gluten Free Grain Free Company and to find a business coach and a team with years of experience in understanding the needs of innovators and entrepreneurs seeking to really change the world with food – it was a truly exciting moment in our business when we were able to bring the Edgeware brand and Michael Doneman into our business model.  Edgeware continues to give us what we need – just in time, rigorous coaching to transform challenges and pressures into meaningful and sustainable change in our business.”


The gluten free grain free co is all about giving you back control and giving you food and food options that are



Simple. Easy. Joyful.


Fun. Food.


Tania’s goal is to add to the country’s gross domestic happiness.


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