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Michael Doneman is founding director of Edgeware Creative Entrepreneurship. He has 30 years of experience in education and community cultural development, which inspired work in communities (including Indigenous Australian and rural-remote communities) in enterprise development, vocational education and training, and information technology. In the course of this he developed expertise in informal education, and the just-in-time provision of skills, networks and interactions.


Michael was a Senior Research Fellow at Queensland University of Technology from 2002-2005 and an Affiliate of the ATN University network’s e-Grad School, focusing on knowledge transfer and research commercialisation. He founded the Edgeware model of ethical entrepreneurship education in 2006.


Michael’s coaching style is warm, lively, clear, practical, flexible and good-humoured. He brings a diversity and depth of  experience to the coaching process which makes for considerable flexibility, and he brings focus to the generic value of creativity in the development of entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, management and leadership. He is increasingly using Solution Focused approaches and tools in his coaching practice.


Michael is available for in-person, phone or internet based coaching.


Michael’s web page and blog is here.

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