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Hungarian Edgies taste success

Congratulations to Edgie business Taste Hungary (whose gorgeous website you should check out) for winning the Drinks Business 2014 Award for Best Contribution to Wine and Spirits Tourism. The founders of Taste Hungary are Carolyn and Gabor Bánfalvi, and we asked Carolyn about the makings of her success. Here's what she had to say. Congratulations on your ‘The Drinks Business’ award! How does it feel to Continue ...

Necessary Weirdness

It’s late, down an alley at the Woodford Folk Festival, in a tent. A small audience watches a potter at her wheel, working carefully and intently as a group of musicians improvise and images are thrown onto her and the tent walls. Her name is Kari (just Kari) and she loves this. She also dances, and sings, and as a professional celebrant she marries and buries people. Continue ...

Who do you share your ideas with?

As a creative entrepreneur chances are you are a ‘thinker’, a ‘bright spark’ and often known as an ‘ideas person’. In fact this innate ability to think outside the box and continually innovate is what makes creative entrepreneurs different. But what do we do with these ideas as they pop up? One of the challenges I have learned over the years, is to be mindful of Continue ...

Positive Edgie feedback




Resilience- The Ability to Stand Strong

Resilience is another concept gaining popularity and traction in the media these days. (Google resilience and you will see what I mean!) At its heart resilience addresses our ability to overcome adversity and challenges. This can be on an individual, community or societal level.  Resilience is that internal flame or drive that allows us to stand strong and carry on when the proverbial hits the fan. Continue ...

Introduction to Edgeware

Prosperity is one of the buzz-words you commonly hear in business circles these days but what does it actually mean?   The word prosperity can be defined as: flourishing, wealth, thriving, affluence and success.   These are all great attributes to infuse your business with. However, there is also a more holistic view of prosperity, that points towards wellbeing and personal satisfaction.  By considering your business Continue ...