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Solution Focused Business Planning

For new businesses and changing businesses

I have a business idea

If you are at the start of your business
  • Create and understand your Value Proposition
  • Focus your business on key products/services and customers
  • Create a Preferred Future for your business
  • Use strengths and resources efficiently to achieve key goals
  • Find (and measure) the personal values that make business worthwhile

I already have a business

If you want to conquer new heights
  • ReTHINK your business from the ground up: who is your customer, what is your product (really!)
  • ReIMAGINE your Preferred Future
  • ReDISCOVER your drivers, your motivation, your passion
  • ReGROW your business – into new products/services and new markets
  • ReARRANGE your business towards better cash flow and less effort

In person workshops & Online courses

Edgeware’s planning is Solution Focused – we are radically positive, and help you use your strengths and talents to build, in small, attainable steps, a Preferred Future. Sign up for an online course ($800AUD) for unlimited access (with no time limit) to create an overall One Page Plan for your business, and one page plans for your finances and for your personal resilience. Prices for In Person Workshops vary from place to place – check the course descriptions. *Workshop fees and courses in Australian dollars – AUD

welcome to the edgie community

Edgies are people who learn our system and join a growing international community of learners, peer supporters and successful business owners, people who are walking the walk. We are growing our online community in stages, adding tools and learning experiences and, step by step, a creative entrepreneurial space. If one or more of the courses is not useful right now, join our mailing list to stay in the loop!

About Edgeware

Since 2005 we’ve worked with more than 1,000 business owners. Edgeware Online is our way of putting our successful creative entrepreneurship workshops into a web-accessible format. Edgeware workshops and courses work because they are simple, flexible and extremely practical. We cut away jargon and hype to get to the nuts and bolts of business, and Edgies often report successes flowing from our courses. Completing the courses inspires a creative entrepreneurial mindset which makes opportunities visible, and we aim to inspire and feed this mindset and also provide some practical skills and tools to make things happen.

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