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Brisbane - Friday 7 October 2016
Gold Coast - Tuesday 8 November 2016
Cairns - Wednesday 1 March 2017
Sunshine Coast - Tuesday 7 March 2017



A workshop for students with disability interested in starting or running their own small business.

My Life is my Bizness is a free learner-centered, accessible and flexible workshop for year 11 or 12 students considering being their own boss.

Spaces are limited so express your interest by visiting the My Future My Life Events page at or by phoning 1300 697 526



Ludmila and Michael Doneman


Ludmila and Michael are the founders and owners of Edgeware Creative Entrepreneurship. From a foundation in community arts and community cultural development they bring a unique flavour to business education, ensuring that not only financial but other values (social, cultural, spiritual) are built into the planning process of new or growing businesses. They provide very practical and enjoyable pathways to clarification of business cases and the necessary operation of starting up and growing. They believe in and practice ‘Just In Time’ training catering very specifically to participant needs, strengths and resources.


Funded and hosted by Centacare, and in partnership with Marist Youth Care, the My Life is My Bizness workshop is accessible, user-friendly, flexible and very practical. People with disabilities and their carers have reported their appreciation that we don’t ‘talk down’ to people, but at the same time we challenge and extend them at the level and to the degree they are able and comfortable.

We aim to provide a workshop experience that makes beginning a business not only possible but meaningful and fun. Participants engage with us in a set of Edgeware’s business-building tools, to explore and clarify business concepts and frame them as a two-sentence Value Proposition. We then provide tools which enable participants to identify and schedule their first steps towards creating a business. What we call TATTS – Tiny Achievable Tick-able Targets.


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never give up
on what you really want to do.
the person with big dreams
is more powerful than one with all the facts