Cultivate the Arts: Intensive (Moreton Bay Region)



Cedar Creek Falls Retreat (Retreat), Yuraba (Workshops)


24-26 February 2018 - Three day residential
11 and 25 March 2018 - Workshop program
April 2018 - Coaching program
16 June 2018 - Conclusion event



CULTIVATE the arts: intensive is a professional development program for emerging and established artists who reside in the Moreton Bay region.

The program provides an opportunity for participants to engage with relevant information, practical training and business tools plus tailored support to realise and achieve their professional goals. The personal and social dimensions of participants’ creative practice and processes are an important dimension of this. The program provides a unique opportunity for participants to develop and professionalise their practice while retaining artistic integrity and a sense of purpose and self-worth.

Arts and culture play an important role in the liveability and identity of the Moreton Bay region. CULTIVATE the arts: intensive  supports the creative community to realise its full potential and to showcase the diverse creative talents of our region.

CULTIVATE the arts: intensive will facilitate networking amongst participants, and deliver practical skill development workshops relating to professional and business development in a fun, creative and supportive environment.

At the conclusion of the program participants will have defined their goals and developed the strategies, skills and connections to achieve them, all summarised in a One Page Business Plan

The program is facilitated by Edgeware Creative Entrepreneurship and includes a three day residential forum, two full day workshops and individual follow up support.


Ludmila and Michael Doneman


Ludmila and Michael are the founders and owners of Edgeware Creative Entrepreneurship. From a foundation in community arts and community cultural development they bring a unique flavour to business education, ensuring that not only financial but other values (social, cultural, spiritual) are built into the planning process of new or growing businesses. They provide very practical and enjoyable pathways to clarification of business cases and the necessary operation of starting up and growing. They believe in and practice ‘Just In Time’ training catering very specifically to participant needs, strengths and resources.



Cultivate the Arts: intensive is a program of professional development for creatives in the Moreton Bay Region. Calls for participation are now closed. They were issued by host Moreton Bay Regional Council in late 2016, and a group of artists were selected for the 2017 delivery.

Residential (3 days)

This intensive residential skill development and networking program provides practical information in an immersive, creative, friendly and motivating environment. At the conclusion of the residential program participants will have identified their professional goals and developed a plan to achieve them.  The aim is for participants to feel connected, inspired and motivated in their creative practice.

Workshops (2 days)

Two full-day workshops follow the residential program. The workshops will continue skill development opportunities identified during the residential program.  Each workshop will focus on practical skill and process development with an emphasis on concrete, achievable and measurable outcomes.

Individual Coaching (3 hours per participant)

Following the workshops, each individual participant will be connected with an industry expert / leader who will provide meaningful engagement, knowledge and advice to enhance the individual’s professional development and progression.

Participants in CULTIVATE the arts: intensive will also be profiled on council’s online platforms and receive a personal media package including professional photographs and a promotional video to use for further self-promotion.

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